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We are a team of trader cum investor and fascinated towards the Indian stocks market. Learned through years of experience in the financial market since long. Note: Investing in any stocks market and mutual funds are risky business. Our recommendations are based on reliable & fundamental sources believed to be true & correct and also based on a technical analysis received from the charts.

Investors should take their own decisions to execute the trade. We shall be no responsibility for any transactions undertaken by you. The author won’t be liable or responsible for any legal or financial profit or losses made by anyone.

Our expert team members are Sri. Tadu Gumbo, CEO, www.TradeonGo.Mobi experienced trader/investor in Forex/stock market for about 10 years and above and Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) from Arunachal Pradesh. ARN. No.135554 and authorized person ICICI Securities Ltd. T. Mamung, Manager, Ms. T.G. Reela, Marketing Executive, Ms. Rubu Yassung, Public Relation Officer,  Ms. Bade Ango, Desk Manager.